TEAM Program

The Teacher Education And Mentoring Program is a comprehensive induction program of support and assessment for beginning teachers. Beginning teachers must successfully complete Team Program requirements in order to be eligible for the provisional educator certificate.

The mission of the TEAM program is to ensure that every Connecticut student is taught by a highly qualified and competent teacher. The TEAM Program helps ensure that all beginning teachers have opportunities to strengthen their knowledge of subject matter and instructional strategies, enhance their understanding of students as learners, and begin a process of lifelong learning and professional growth.

Connecticut believes that student learning is directly related to teacher competence and that teachers, like students, must be continual learners. As a result, the central focus of TEAM Program  is to provide meaningful learning experiences which enable beginning teachers to continuously raise their expectations for their students' achievement and for their teaching. In addition, these opportunities provide practical strategies to enhance the capabilities of beginning teachers to increase student learning.