Acceptable Usage Policy

Dear Parents:

We are very excited about our Computer and Technology program. The use of these resources will permit students to reach out to many people to share information, learn concepts, and research subjects. With this educational opportunity comes responsibility. The West Haven Board of Education has approved an Electronic Information Resources Policy (copy enclosed) in which the Board permits the use of electronic information resources in the schools to educate, conduct research, and to inform.

The District will take steps, such as using filtering programs, access controls, and monitoring by teachers, to restrict access to controversial material. On a global information network, such as the Internet, however, it is impossible to restrict access to all potentially inappropriate materials. It is the responsibility, therefore, of students, parents and staff to understand and abide by the Board’s Electronic Information Resources Policy to ensure that access to those resources provided by the District is not abused.

A Responsible Use Agreement for Electronic Information Resources follows this letter. Please review this agreement and the Board’s policy with your child so that he or she will understand his or her responsibilities when accessing and using the District’s electronic information resources. Compliance with this agreement by all users of these resources will help protect all students from misuse of those resources, and it will help protect the computer equipment from abuse.

Failure to abide with the agreement and the Board’s policy may result in the loss of the privilege to use this educational tool, may result in disciplinary action, and may result in the assessment of costs as reimbursement for damage caused by willful misuse.

If you wish your child to be able to access the Internet, please be sure your child returns the signed Responsible Use Agreement to his or her classroom or homeroom promptly. If you have any questions concerning the Board’s policy or the Responsible Use Agreement, please do not hesitate to contact me or the child's teacher. No child will be allowed to access the Internet alone if this form is not signed and returned, however there may be times when they will take part in teacher directed instruction on the Internet.

Sincerely yours,

Neil Cavallaro

Click Here To Download the Acceptable Usage Policy
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)