Facilities Department

Facilities Department

255 Meloy Road

West Haven, CT 06516

(203) 937-4349

Christopher Everone, Supervisor of Facilities x 4347
[email protected]

Michael McGrath, Supervisor of Custodian x 4348
[email protected]

Shelley Sullivan, Secretary x 4349
[email protected]

To reserve and rent a facility:
Reservations can be made online by clicking here.

For questions on facilities reservations:
Contact Cynthia Reed, x4346 or [email protected]

Facility reservation and rental reminders:

*Any group bringing food or beverages into any of our facilities require custodial services at a cost to your organization. The kitchen area in all schools are off limits, as only West Haven Board of Education staff is authorized to be in those areas.

*Groups are to stay in the area that has been reserved for them. No one should be walking around the building.

*School equipment, board games, and toys should not be used by any organization.

*Any people/groups failing to follow these rules run the risk of having their activity cancelled.

 (CT PUBLIC ACT 09-81)