Data Teams and Assessments


State Testing
Student assessment data is available in many forms. In West Haven, we administer state and local assessments. Starting this year, students will take a state standardized test once in each subject area with the new Smarter Balanced Field Test and the Connecticut Mastery Test or Connecticut Academic Performance Test.

Smarter Balanced Field Test


· Takes place between March 18 and June 6 on dates that are still to be determined

· Serves as trial run of new assessment  system to ensure assessments are valid, reliable and fair, and to help schools gauge readiness

· Given to grades 3-8, 10 and 11 in English language arts and mathematics

· Uses school computers

Connecticut MastERY TEST


· Will be given in grades 3-8 for science only


Connecticut Academic Performance Test



· Will be given in grade 10 this year for science only

· Continues to use paper test booklet

Common Assessments

In addition to state assessments, the curriculum includes comprehensive assessments created by teachers to monitor student mastery of the critical skills in each grade. Groups of staff members (data teams) examine data from assessments and other benchmarks to make instructional and curricula decisions.


Common Assessments


· Students are tested when they begin and end each unit of study.

· Test results are used to plan instruction and support students’ areas of need and enrichment.

Performance Tasks


· These are assessments which require students to integrate knowledge and skills in a real-world context.



Data Teams

Groups of staff members who examine data to make instructional decisions are called data teams. Data teams examine data and identify a high priority, standards-based student achievement need. These data can be found in state, district or classroom assessments. The process followed in schools is defined below:

data teams

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