Nursing Assistant Unit 1

West Haven Public Schools

Unit Planning Organizer

Subject – Nursing Assistant                                                             

Grade – 11,12

Unit- Safety in the Workplace                                                    

Pacing – 3 weeks

Essential Question(s):

  • How can I keep myself, my peers and my patients safe when in a clinical setting?
  • What learned techniques will help ensure the safety of all when working in a healthcare environment?

Big Idea(s):

  • I can prevent injury and illness to myself, to other staff, and to the patients through safe work practices.
  • My ability to use learned safety techniques  will keep my patients and myself as safe as possible.


CT State Standards  (including West Haven’s Priority Standards):

  • Students will demonstrate and employ methods of preventing infection.
  • Students will demonstrate an awareness of safety in providing patient care.
  • Use Standard Precautions and OSHA Standards to control the spread of infection including aseptic techniques such as handwashing, personal protective equipment, isolation and personal hygiene.
  • Apply principles of body mechanics  including proper lifting techniques, positioning, moving and transferring.
  • Employ emergency procedures and protocols regarding fire and electrical hazards (utilizing OSHA standards). 

 “Unwrapped” Concepts and Skills, and Bloom Levels

Concepts(Need to Know)

Skills (Able to Do


Demonstrate infection control techniques and safety practices to prevent infection.



Employ asepsis for infection control by maintaining OSHA standards.


Know and demonstrate the proper use of body mechanics.


Understand procedures in place to handle fire and electrical emergencies.



Show the standard handwashing technique.

Be able to put on gloves, gown, and masks in a safe and effective manner.


Be able to list the Standard Precautions  for infection control.


Demonstrate proper body mechanics in lifting, positioning, moving and transferring patients.


Identify the key elements in the “RACE”  and “PASS” systems.