child journey

Elementary school students begin their educational journey at one of the district’s six schools. These schools accommodate pre-kindergarten through grade four, where the primary goal is to educate both the mind and the heart. Students learn critical literacy and numeracy skills through our rigorous curriculum. Classroom teachers, along with support specialists, provide students with differentiated instruction. Through this purposeful instruction, students make the shift from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” In addition, students begin to see the relationships between numeracy concepts and their application.

Overview of curriculum by grade:
First Grade  
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade

At Carrigan Intermediate School, grade five mimics the elementary school model to ensure a smooth transition for students. Like they do at the six elementary schools, students receive core instruction from their classroom teacher, in addition to enrichment or remediation from a support specialist. In grade six, students are given more independence and switch classes within their assigned “cluster” to prepare them for Bailey Middle School. It also affords students the opportunity to receive instruction from teachers with specialized content knowledge. Students in grade six continue to receive additional academic supports.

Overview of curriculum by grade:
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade

Bailey Middle School students are grouped into “teams” that transition between five content-specific teachers. Students are introduced to a variety of elective area classes in order to pique their interest in the broad spectrum of possible career pathways. While Bailey resembles the conventional middle school model and serves grades seven and eight, the team structure allows teachers and staff the ability to monitor student growth and know students at a more personal level, while fostering student independence. Teachers collaborate at both the content and team level.

Overview of curriculum by grade:
Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade

West Haven High School students embark on a journey that is individualized based on their personal aspirations. School counselors guide students down a successful path toward college or career readiness with help from their personalized Student Success Plans. Students enter grade nine grouped in teams in the Freshman Academy, which facilitates a smooth transition from middle school. Within the academy, students learn academic, organizational and social skills to merge successfully with the general high school community in grade ten. Youngsters have opportunities to develop as students and members of the community through a wide range of rigorous academic and elective courses, as well as numerous co-curricular activities.

Overview of curriculum by subject:
High School English
High School Math