State Grants

state grants

Alliance District Grant

The Alliance District Grant assists districts that face an achievement gap and demonstrate a strong will to eradicate that gap while helping all students reach their full potential.

Thirty districts in the state receive the funding and must submit action plans to the state each year as part of the five-year grant program. The state has approved the West Haven Board of Education’s action plan for its second year as an alliance district.

How is the Alliance District Grant used?

  • Additional teaching coaches
  • All-day kindergarten
  • Family math and literacy nights
  • Technology equipment and supplies
  • Extended summer program for at-risk youths
  • High school math boot camp



Bilingual Grant

The Bilingual Grant provides state funding designed to support students across the state in the area of language development.

In West Haven, the funding supports youngsters in oral language development.

How is the Bilingual Grant used?

  • Parent engagement activities
  • Workshop presenters
  • Counseling services
  • Instructional supplies



Family Resource Center Grant

The Family Resource Center (FRC) Grant is a competitive state grant designed to assist school districts in efforts to support families through services which lead to school and social readiness.

The centers aim to create a welcoming environment at the school(s) in which they are located, especially for parents who have had negative or difficult experiences with schools in the past. West Haven’s FRC is located at Savin Rock Community School.

All programs are free of charge.

How is the Family Resource Center Grant used?

  • Support services for children
  • Activities for families or caregivers and children from birth to five.
  • Parenting workshops
  • Before– and after-school activities
  • Positive youth development activities


Adult Education Grant

The Adult Education Grant benefits the High School Credit Diploma Program, GED® Test Preparation Program, Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language and Citizenship classes.

How is the Adult Education Grant used?

  • Salaries and benefits
  • Instructional supplies
  • Textbooks




School Readiness Grant

The School Readiness Grant provides funding for preschool students in need to attend high-quality preschool programs within their community that promote the health and safety of children and prepare youngsters for entry into formal schooling. At least 60 percent of the children enrolled must be at or below 75 percent of the State Median Income.

How is the School Readiness Grant used?

  • Tuition for students to attend preschool
  • Eligible students are West Haven  residents who are 3 or 4 years of age or 5 years of age, but not eligible for kindergarten.



School Readiness Quality Enhancement Grant

The purpose of the Quality Enhancement Grant Program is to provide funding for school readiness preschool programs that address quality standards and/or expand comprehensive services for children and families. Quality Enhancement funding in West Haven is currently focused on maximizing the health, safety and learning of children.

How is the School Readiness Quality Enhancement Grant used?

  • Teacher and administrator training
  • Pre-literacy development
  • Behavioral and social-emotional development
  • Parent involvement and education
  • Improvement of staff-to-child interaction