Childcare Services


Family Resource Center
Located at Savin Rock Elementary School - Birth to Three, Three to Five Playgroups, Parenting Seminars, Referral Services.  
Jean Vitali 203-931-4739

West Haven Day Care Providers Network
Viola Waldo  203-937-0246

West Haven Child Development Center 
Dr. Patrice Farquharson 203-932-2939

West Haven Community House 
Children & Youth Services
Before and after school program located in at eight school sites:
Carrigan, Mackrille, Molloy, Pagels, Savin Rock, Seth Haley, Forest and Washington

Carol James 203-934-5221 x123

Head Start
Quality preschool program for children ages 3 to 5 from income eligible, West Haven families
Abel Padro 203-934-5221 x152

School Readiness Programs
Beth Meyer-Franz 203-931-6836

Family and Youth Services 
Bob Morton 203-937-3633