Assistant Superintendent

Assistant Superintendent OF SCHOOLS Dr. Anne Druzolowski



A message from the Assistant Superintendent to the West Haven Community:

The West Haven Public Schools website will orientate you to all types of activities in your schools, as well as those activities which are consistently implemented across the district, such as:

Our Cutting-Edge Curriculum. We are most proud of our standards-based curriculum, which is complemented by research-based common formative assessments. The curriculum review and implementation model is developed by our teachers and based on research from renowned educators, such as Dr. Douglas Reeves, Executive Director of the Leadership and Learning Center, and the Connecticut State Department of Education’s Accountability and Instruction Model (CALI). The efforts to improve student learning for all youngsters, regardless of their educational need or condition, is reflected in our newly revised curriculum, which is grounded in educational and scientific research; reflects state and national standards; differentiates instruction utilizing a variety of research-based strategies; and, is consistently implemented across all schools and grade levels.

Teacher Professional Development Activities. Our five-year professional development plan continues to focus on the development of teacher expertise to address all student needs. This plan mirrors the Connecticut State Department of Education’s model for improving instruction for all youngsters and will prove to be the key to improving student achievement. Through this plan, teachers have scheduled time to collaborate and discuss curricula needs for all students, as well as to plan and adjust accordingly.

Our Diversity and Multiculturalism. The West Haven School System celebrates the gifts of its diverse student population and multiculturalism in a variety of ways throughout the academic year. The district builds on the sense of community, and is best typified by the numerous family and community academic activities, as well as social and recreational activities, held at the schools. Events you may see on the website include international nights, school-wide research projects celebrating different cultures, family math nights, family game nights, and other informational sessions and workshops, which are designed to involve all parents in their schools.

Extracurricular Activities. Our website is chock-full of these types of activities. The West Haven Public School System boasts of one of the finest drama and theater venues in the state. In 2009, the drama department was a finalist in a statewide competition which included performance, costume and directorship, to name a few. West Haven High School is a proud member of CIAC and offers a full complement of sports, from football and swimming to hockey and track. It boasts the state title for baseball in 2009, as well as many individual professional athletes who have gone on to the professional sports arena. The extracurricular activities provide young men and women with the skills to work within teams and continue that effort in their lives outside of the high school.

Our Partnerships with Community Agencies and Institutions of Higher Education. West Haven Public Schools benefit from their close association with two prestigious universities: the University of New Haven and Yale University. Both institutions of higher education contribute to the success of our school system through direct support of our curriculum. The University of New Haven and West Haven Public Schools enjoy a partnership which includes student mentoring. Yale University has been very generous and supportive of all of our educational and cultural endeavors. Yale University and West Haven Public Schools work together to strengthen science education. West Haven High School biology students participate in Project Search on Yale University’s West Campus. Science teachers visit Yale University and learn about cutting-edge research during a variety of workshops. These activities represent only a few of the initiatives which create the Yale University-West Haven Public School partnership.

Community agencies, such as the Community House, are partners with our district as we strive to develop quality programs and resources for our families and youngsters. Of particular note is the partnership we have with the Community House in after-school programming and early childhood education.

Our Parent Involvement Activities. Most importantly, we believe that all youngsters can achieve and be successful in school and within their community with the support of their first teachers, parents. This website is designed to be parent-friendly and to include those school-based activities sponsored by schools and their parent organizations. Please take time to get involved in your school parent organization.

Together, we will continue to promote high expectations for all youngsters across the district, and with your continued support, the West Haven community will thrive. Please enjoy this website and all that our schools have to offer.


Anne P. Druzolowski