Registration Information

Residency Policy


Residency policy requires that all students, without exception, produce bona fide proof that they live in West Haven.  As evidence of residency, the parent or legal guardian of each student must show the school building administrator two or more of the most recent documents such as: mortgage statement, lease, and utility bills or phone bills.  No one document will suffice.  All information will be treated confidentially. For those registering during the summer, simply bring the documents to your summer registration session.

Registration requirements for students new to the district:

  • Up-to-date health records (immunizations and last physical)

  • Two (2) proofs of residency in a parent's name (mortgage statement, lease or utility bills that are no more than two months old, or phone or cell phone bills. Driver's license, tax bills and credit card bills NOT acceptable)

  • Birth certificate (full size. Will not accept wallet-size version)

  • Last report card

  • Notarized affidavit if living with another party and bills are not in a parent's name