Reading Curriculum Examples

Example of Reading Enrichment Lessons Based on the Scott Foresman Reading Series

Grade 2.1 New Beginnings


Daddy , Could I Have an Elephant?

Vocabulary – apartment, could, elephant, have, need, piano, quiet

Ideas for art project: Cityscape pictures – Buildings with many stories and windows discuss what it is like to live in an apartment. How much room is there? Do you have a back yard? Could an elephant fit in your home? What would he eat?

Make a pet care poster – Page 41 in text book

How big is an elephant? – Using reference books find the measurements of an elephant – shoulder, back top of head, length of trunk etc. Make outline of elephant on a vacant wall in the building using blue painting tape (easily removable)

The Wobbly People in Ellen’s Block House

Vocabulary – hundred, knocked, outside, sick, taste, tears

Ideas for art project: After building a house or castle with blocks use precut paper squares rectangles triangles circles and half circles to build a fantasy house. Talk about who lives there. Create people using the “wobbly people” template

Poppleton and the Grapefruit

Ideas for art project: Bring in a grapefruit and cut it up. Let students have a taste. What happens when you eat something sour? What did the author say happened to Poppleton’s mouth? Create a still-life painting that includes a grapefruit both a whole one and one cut in half. Include other fruit if you choose.

Make a collage about healthy eating, see page 67 in text book

Poem – Popsicle Sticks and Glue: See page 93 in text. Take cues from the poem, have students glue sticks on to tagboard add construction paper details and create whatever types of buildings, houses and businesses they choose.

The Green Leaf Club News    Three Little Bikers

Vocabulary – climb, everywhere, giggled, should, spray, through

Ideas for art project: Create a map with a curving path. Label landmarks along the way, using the story for ideas. See page 129 in the text.

Create a landscape with hills gullies puddles etc. On a separate paper, using the illustration on page 100 as a guide, draw a bicycle and rider. Cut this out and let students “drive” it up and down the hills then attach with 3DO fasteners or a paper loop to give a 3d effect.

House Repair

Vocabulary – guess, house, never, pile, pleased, surprised, tomorrow

Ideas for art project: Using ½ gallon milk container, juice container, or small milk container from the cafeteria create a bird house. Cover container with construction paper and add a peaked roof. Cut a small hole and add a small dowel or skewer. Paint or color patterns on roof and sides using pictures from the story for ideas.

The Surprise

Ideas for art project: Create paper bag puppets and act out the story and discuss how the ending would change if it hadn’t been windy (See page 151 of the text)

Create a leaf collage – Collect some leaves. Use paint or a large ink stamp to make prints of some of the leaves you may also glue some leaves to the paper. Use some small twigs to frame your print (see the right hand margin of the pages in the story).

The Ugly Duckling     Duck

Vocabulary – beak, explore, keep, myself, paddle, surface, warm

Ideas for art project: refer to the illustration on page 165; show students how to create a swan by using an S curve. Use white and black crayon to color in swan and then water color (wet on wet) the water while creating picture discuss why the animals considered the baby swan ugly. Is it right to judge someone by the way they look?

Sponge paint a duck – Using simple shapes (football, rectangle, oval, see Illustration…) draw two ducks, one small one large. Using a sponge to give a fluffy texture paint one yellow and one white. Which is which?

Eye Spy     Seeing

Vocabulary – brain, hidden, messages, mirror, thumb, whole

Ideas for art project: Draw a portrait- Using the illustrations on pages 196 and 197 focus on the eyes. Define iris and pupil.

Optical illusions – just have fun. get a big book of optical illusions. Share with students; make copies of some that they can take home to share with their family.

Furry Mouse    Two Mice     Mice

Vocabulary – another, bottle, cage, follow, food, wheel

Ideas for art project: Make fuzzy felt mice . If possible bring in a pet mouse to visit. Why does the mouse need a wheel? Who has a safer life, the inside mouse or the outside? Who do you think is happier? Why?

Make a mouse house – See page 227 from the text

The Old Gollywampus      Snakes    

Vocabulary – between, enemy, medicine, peels, scales, underneath

Ideas for art project: Using model magic or some other air drying clay roll out a coil aka. A snake. More than one color can be used and twisted together for a marbled effect or white clay can be painted after it is dry. Form a wider bulge on one end for a head cut it horizontally with scissors to create a mouth. Don’t forget to add the tongue or the snake can’t smell. Taper the other end to make the tail. Use a straw or marker cap or something round to imprint half circle scales into the snake (see page 238 in the text) look at the different body patterns in the story pick one for your snake and make a name tag for it.

As a group create a game board and play the game. (See page 257 in the text)

People, People, Everywhere

Vocabulary – children, city, country, dashing, high, place, room, sealing

Ideas for art project: Similar to Daddy can I have an Elephant?; create a city scape starting with lots of scrap paper in various size rectangles and squares. Create signs for the businesses depicting what they do. Draw people in the street. You might want to start by having students pick a paragraph that they particularly like and try to illustrate what is happening.

Wanted: Best Friend

Vocabulary – across, best, complained, dumped, either, sometimes, toward

Ideas for art project: Make a wanted poster for a new best friend (see page 387 in the text)

Moonbear’s Pet

Vocabulary – beautiful, become, bubbles, decide, paws, quite

Ideas for art project: Use the Illustrations on pages 445 -449 in the text as inspiration. Create a cut paper picture of the animals in the story or the frog’s life in the pond.


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