Social Studies Curriculum Extensions

Social Studies Topics That May Be Used As Project Ideas in the Art Room



Climate Weather Clothing

Symbols of the United States

Holidays and Traditions

School Safety



Identify National Heroes (George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr)

Climate Weather Clothing


Symbols of the United States

Identify cultural characteristics of self


Grade 1

Identify history related holidays

Identify characteristics of family and ancestry

Your Neighborhood

Travel to and from school

Cultural characteristics of self and family



Grade 2

Explain importance of history related holidays

Identify and explain significance of local historical sites

Identify man made and physical characteristics of your town

Rural, Suburban, Urban


Grade 3

Historical Figures (Washington, Lincoln, King)

Native Americans and historical events in local region

Continents and oceans


Grade 4

Culture and traditions of Native Americans

Exploration and colonization of America

Connecticut History


Grade 5

Colonial America


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